Won’t you help us achieve our goal for our January Giving Back Project

Greetings!!!  This month our contribution to the community is to bake cookies for the 425 deployed Vermont National Guard members.

Residents will be dedicating our January baking days, plus additional days of baking to help reach our goal of 71 dozen cookies so that each guard member receives 2 cookies.

We would love it if staff, friends, and resident families participated as well.

We will be delivering the cookies to the Vermont Air National Guard on Tuesday, January 31. To allow time for packaging them we are asking that all cookies be delivered to Spring Village no later than January 29th.  If you make them earlier, please feel free to drop them off right away and we will take care of freezing them until time of shipment.

There are two ways to sign up to bake cookies, when you visit Spring Village there is a sign-up sheet by the Concierge desk or you can email me at: susan.cartwright@springvillageessex.com

Thank you in advance for your participation!

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